Performing Complex Tasks at the Touch of a Button: iW Function Flow

What is a Flow?

iW Function Flow and iW Function Flow Editor can enhance the efficiency of routine and repetitive office tasks.
These applications enable you to register a combination of frequently used machine functions as a "Flow" button. By pressing this button, you can repeatedly reuse the same combination of functions with ease.
For example, you can scan an A3 original, reduce it to A4 size, and send the file via e-mail, while also storing a backup of the file in a Mail Box, all by pressing one flow button.
Benefits of iW Function Flow Products
Streamline your office tasks
You can execute a flow of operations by pressing one button. You can save time spent repeatedly performing complex operations.
Manage flows for each user using an authentication system
Shared and Personal flow buttons are displayed when you login to the machine using an authentication system. Personal flows can only be used by individual users, while Shared flows are available for use by all users.
Select multiple output methods
You can combine the various output methods, such as storing an original to a Mail Box, sending, and printing, to suit your needs.
Create/edit flows on your computer
You can use the accompanying software, iW Function Flow Editor, to create/edit flows on your computer.

iW Function Flow and iW Function Flow Editor

iW Function Flow is a MEAP application that enables you to create and execute flows on your machine.
iW Function Flow Editor is a Windows application that you can use to create flows on your computer.
Flows created using iW Function Flow Editor can be uploaded to a machine with iW Function Flow and edited, duplicated, or executed from the machine.