Executing a Flow on the Machine (iW Function Flow)

You can execute a flow you have created on a machine with iW Function Flow installed.
Required Condition
iW Function Flow is installed in the machine you are using.
Users of the machine you are using are managed with the SSO-H authentication system.
Shared folder for file transmission is created on the computer you are using (the folder name must be the same as the login user name).
This section describes how to log in to the machine you are using as 'John', and execute a Personal flow.
The screens may differ, depending on the model of the machine and on attached optional products.
Follow the procedures below.
Executing a Personal Flow

Executing a Personal Flow

Enter [User Name] and [Password] on the Log In screen of a machine with iW Function Flow installed → press [Log In]
As an example, 'John' is used for [User Name], and 'password' is used for [Password].
The Main Menu screen is displayed.
Place the A3 original on the feeder or the platen glass.
Press [iW Function Flow] on the Main Menu screen.
Press [Personal] → [Reduce paper size/send/print].
Check the flow settings → press [Start].
The A3 original is reduced to A4 size, and two-sided printing is performed. The original is also converted to a PDF file, which is sent to the file server.
Check that the PDF was sent to the following folder, as specified in the settings of the flow:
Before executing the flow, you must create the shared folder, \sales\John in the file server, for the PDF to be sent according to the settings of the flow.