Specifying Previously Used Destinations

You can select a destination from among the past three destinations.
When <Restrict Resending from Log> is set to <On>, you cannot use this feature. Disabling Use of Previously Used Destinations (imageRUNNER 2204F)
Turning OFF the machine or setting <Restrict New Destinations> to <On> deletes the past destinations, and disables this feature. Limiting Available Destinations (imageRUNNER 2204F)
Destinations from a fax for which several destinations were specified, as well as the destinations in Manual Sending are not available for this feature. Sending Faxes to Multiple Destinations Simultaneously (Sequential Broadcast)  Making a Call before Sending Faxes (Manual Sending)
When you specify a destination using this feature, any destinations that you have already specified are deleted.
Press  and tap <Fax>.
Select <Destination>  <Recall Set.>.
Select a destination.
Specify the scanning settings as necessary.
Select the settings. Various Fax Settings
Press to start sending.
Scanning starts.
If you want to cancel sending, press   Tap <Yes>.
To delete destinations
If you specified multiple destinations, you can delete destinations as necessary.