Sending Faxes to Multiple Destinations Simultaneously (Sequential Broadcast)

You can send faxes to up to 114 destinations at once. Use the numeric keys, the Address Book, coded dial numbers, or one-touch buttons to specify destinations.
When <Restrict Sequential Broadcast> is set to <Reject Sequential Broadcast>, you cannot use this feature.
You need to register destinations in the Address Book or one-touch buttons before using this feature.
Place the document(s). Placing Documents
Press  and tap <Fax>.
Specify the destination.
To specify with the numeric keys, enter the fax number, and tap <Apply>. To specify any additional destinations, select <Destination>  <Specify Using Numeric Keys> before repeating the same procedure.
To specify from the Address Book Specifying from Address Book
Specify the scanning settings as necessary.
Select the settings. Various Fax Settings
Press to start sending.