Optional Equipment

The functionality of the machine can be expanded by installing optional equipment to the machine. Install the optional equipment to meet your needs such as by loading a large amount of paper.

Feeder (DADF-AT1) (imageRUNNER 2204F / 2204N)

The Feeder can be attached to the imageRUNNER 2204F / 2204N in place of the platen cover. Automatically feeds documents into the machine for scanning. When two or more sheets are loaded in the feeder, documents can be scanned continuously.
The feeder comes standard-equipped on the imageRUNNER 2204F.

Optional Paper Drawer

You can install the optional paper drawer to the machine.

Cassette Feeding Module-AD1

In addition to the provided standard paper drawer and multi-purpose tray, you can install the optional paper drawer to the machine. The optional paper drawer can hold up to 250 sheets (80 g/m²).

FL Cassette-BB1

You can replace the standard paper drawer of the machine with the optional paper drawer. The optional paper drawer cannot be attached to the optionalCassette Feeding Module-AD1.
For how to load paper into the paper drawer, see Loading Paper.
For available paper sizes, see Paper.

Handset-K1 (imageRUNNER 2204F)

By connecting the Handset-K1 to the machine, you can make and receive calls the same way as an ordinary telephone. For instructions on how to configure the FAX/TEL function, see Receiving Faxes.
The design of the Handset-K1  may differ.
If the Handset-K1 emits howling, turn off the alarm sounds and reduce the volume of fax communication sounds. Adjusting the Volume

Ring volume switch

You can set the volume of the telephone ring to high, low, or off.

Making a Telephone Call

When making a telephone call, pick up the handset and tap <Fax>, then dial the telephone number. After using the handset, put the handset back on the cradle.

Duplex Unit-C1

The Duplex Unit-C1 () enables you to use the 2-sided mode for copying or printing.