Common Problems

If you encounter problems when using the machine, check the items in this section before contacting us. If the problems persist, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line.

Check the Following

Is the machine turned ON? Is the power cord connected?

If and the display of the operation panel are in the off state, it indicates that a quick turn-OFF has been performed or the machine has not been turned ON. If the machine does not respond when you press the power switch, check whether the power cord is connected correctly, and press the power switch again. For power cord connection, see "Getting Started".
Operation Panel
Manuals Included with the Machine

Are the LAN cable and USB cable connected correctly?

Check whether these cables are connected correctly.
Parts and Their Functions

Is sleep mode activated?

If you leave the machine unattended for a specific period of time, it enters sleep mode for power conservation, not allowing you to operate it.
To cancel sleep mode, press .

Is any message displayed on the screen?

If a problem occurs, a message is displayed.
When an Error Message Appears
If a problem persists even after checking
Click the link that corresponds to the problem.