Installation/Settings Problems

See Common Problems also.

Problems with the Wired LAN Connection

Remote UI is not displayed.

Are <HTTP> and <Remote UI> set to <On>?
Disabling HTTP Communication
Disabling Remote UI
Check whether the LAN cable is connected properly and the IP address is set correctly, and then start the Remote UI again.
Connecting to a Wired LAN
Network Status Print
Are you using a proxy server? If so, add the machine's IP address to the [Exceptions] list (addresses that do not use the proxy server) in the Web browser's proxy settings dialog.
Is the computer communication restricted by firewalls? Use the operation panel to set <Address Filter> to <Off>.
Restricting Communication by Using Firewalls
Address Filter

The LNK indicator is Off. Back Side

Use a straight-through Ethernet cable for the wired LAN connection.
Check that the hub or router is turned ON.
Do not connect the cable to the UP-LINK (cascade) port of the hub.
Change the LAN cable.

A connection to a network cannot be established.

Is <Network> under <Interface Selection> set to <On>?
Interface Selection
The IP address may not be set correctly. Set the IP address again.
Setting IP Addresses
If you are using an IPv4 address, specify the fixed IP address.
Setting IPv4 Address

You are unsure of the set IP address.

Check by using Network Status Print.
Network Status Print

Problem with the USB Connection

Cannot communicate.

Is <USB> under <Interface Selection> set to <On>?
Interface Selection
Change the USB cable. If you are using a long USB cable, replace it with a short one.
If you are using a USB hub, connect the machine directly to your computer using a USB cable.

The machine cannot be correctly detected from a computer.

Does the setting of <USB-Connected PC OS> under <Control Menu> match the OS of your computer?
USB-Connected PC OS

Problem with the Print Server

You cannot find the print server to connect to.

Are the print server and computer connected correctly?
Is the print server running?
Do you have user rights to connect to the print server? If you are not sure, contact the server administrator.
Is [Network discovery] enabled?
Enabling [Network discovery]

You cannot connect to a shared printer.

On the network, does the machine appear among the printers of the print server? If it is not displayed, contact the network or server administrator.
Displaying Shared Printers in the Print Server

Machine Problem

No menus are displayed.

Is the machine offline? The Utility menu and Job menu are available in online mode. Online key

The operation panel keys do not work.

Is the [] indicator lit? In this case, print data remains in memory. If the remaining data is not printed even after a while, select <Form Feed> in the Reset menu.
Form Feed
If <Key locked.> appears on the display, the key lock function is active. Contact the administrator of the machine or disable the key lock function from the Remote UI.
Restricting Operation Panel Functions
If you cannot perform any operation, hold down the power switch for 5 seconds or more to turn OFF the power. When turning ON the power, wait for 10 seconds or more after indicator is turned OFF, and then press the power switch.

No SD card can be used.

Is <SD Card> set to <Off>? Select <On>.
SD Card
Is the SD card write-protected?
Shut down the machine, and check whether the SD card is write-protected. If the card is write-protected, unlock the card, and again install it on the machine. Installing an SD Card