Printing Problems

See Common Problems also.

Printing results are not satisfactory. Paper creases or curls.

When You Cannot Print Properly

You cannot print.

Check the Following.
Is the [] indicator lit or blinking? In this case, printing is in progress. Please wait for a while. If the remaining data is not printed even after a while, select <Form Feed> or <Soft Reset> in the Reset menu.
Reset Menu
Is  () lit? If it is not lit, press  () to set the machine to online.
Online key
Can you print by Status Print or Network Status Print? If you can print, the machine has no problem. Check the configured network and computer settings.
Printing Reports and Lists
Can you print a Windows test page? If you can print a Windows test page, there is no problem with the machine or the printer driver. Check the print settings of your application.
Printing a Test Page in Windows
If the problems persist, check the items that suit your operational environment.
 Wired LAN connection
 USB connection
 Via print server

You cannot print with Google Cloud Print.

Using Google Cloud Print

It takes a long time before printing starts.

Did you print to narrow width paper? After you print to narrow width paper, the machine may cool itself to maintain the print quality. As a result, it may take some time before the next job is printed. Wait until the machine is ready to print. Printing will resume when the temperature inside the machine has fallen.

A blank sheet is output (nothing is printed).

Did you pull the sealing tape out when loading the toner cartridge? If you did not pull it out, remove the toner cartridge, pull the sealing tape out, and reload the toner cartridge.
How to Replace Toner Cartridges

Printing has stopped halfway.

Is the [] indicator lit? If it is lit, the machine has not received a command for the print data end. If the printing is not resumed even after a while, select <Form Feed> in the Reset menu.
Form Feed
If you cannot perform any operation, hold down the power switch for 5 seconds or more to turn OFF the power. Wait for 10 seconds or more after you have turned OFF the power, then turn it ON again and retry printing.