Managing Jobs

The Remote UI provides you with job management capabilities, which enable you to check job status and pause/resume jobs.
The types of jobs that can be managed are:
Print jobs for the Copy and Print functions
Send jobs for fax transmission and e-mail transmission
Receive jobs for I-fax reception
Save jobs saved in the Memory RX Inbox or Confidential Fax Inboxes

If you set [Display Job Log] to 'Off', [Job Log] is not displayed.
Depending on the number of entries in the log, the log may take some time to be displayed.
You cannot use the Remote UI to check the job status or pause/resume encrypted secured print jobs.
The job management operations available using the Remote UI are the same as those that you can access from on the control panel of the machine. For instructions on using the control panel, see "Funcions bàsiques" and "Enviament d'un fax."
For more information on job management, see "Funcions bàsiques."
For more information on send jobs, see "Llegir i enviar."
For more information on receive jobs, see "Bústia de fax/I-fax."
For more information on send jobs for faxes, see "Enviament d'un fax."