Functions that can use NFC

If the device and mobile terminal you are using support NFC, you can start the app, select a device, print data, and send a destination to the [Scan and Send] / [Scan] function of the device by simply touching the NFC mark of the device. If the Wi-Fi settings of the mobile terminal are disabled, they are automatically enabled and the mobile terminal is connected to the Wi-Fi network. In screens where functions in the app supported by NFC can be used, [] is displayed.
If you are using a device other than a device that supports direct connection, the device and the mobile terminal must be connected to the same network.
The following functions are compatible with NFC.
Starting the app
If you touch the NFC mark of the device in a state where the app has not been started, the app is started and the touched device is registered/selected.
Selecting a device
If you touch it when the app has been started, the touched device is registered/selected.
Printing previewed data
If you touch it in a state where data is displayed in the document preview screen or [Preview] screen, the data is printed by the touched device. The print settings set the last time printing was performed are carried over. If you select a different printer to the last time you performed printing, the data is printed with the default settings.
Sending a Destination of the [Scan and Send] / [Scan] Function to a Device
When entering a destination for the [Scan and Send] / [Scan] function of the device, by touching the device in a state where the destination has been entered in the [Other Functions] > [Provide Address] > [Provide Address] screen in this app, the destination is sent to the touched device.
To use NFC, you need to enable NFC in the settings of the mobile terminal. If NFC is disabled in the mobile terminal settings, tapping [], then tapping [OK] in the displayed dialog box displays the settings screen.
You can register up to 10 devices in the app. If [Cannot register any more printers. Delete printers, and then try to register the printer again.] is displayed, touch the device again after deleting a device in the [Select Printer] screen.

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