Restricting the Fax Sending Functions

You can set various restrictions for sending faxes, which can prevent information leakage to third parties or sending documents to unintended destinations.

Confirming the Entered Fax Number

You can configure the setting to display the confirmation screen to prevent the user from misdialing when entering a destination fax number using the numeric keys.
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Fax Settings>  <Confirm Entered Fax Number>  <On>  

Restricting Fax Sending from a Computer

You can prohibit users from PC faxing (faxing from a computer).
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Fax Settings>  <Allow Fax Driver TX>  <Off>  

Restricting Sequential Broadcasts

You can prohibit a function that collectively sends a fax to multiple destinations (Sequential Broadcast).
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Fax Settings>  <Restrict Sequential Broadcast>  <On>  

Disabling Destination Registration from Logs to the Address Book

You can configure to disable registering destinations from fax send logs to the Address Book.
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Fax Settings>  <Register Log Dest to Addr Book>  <Do Not Allow>