Basic Operations for Sending Faxes

This section describes the basic operation procedure used to fax an original.
You need to complete some procedures before using fax functions. Configuring Initial Settings for Fax Functions
Place the original(s). Placing Originals
Select <Fax> in the Home screen. Home Screen
If the login screen appears, specify the user name, the password, and the authentication server. Logging in to Authorized Send
Select <Reset> in the Fax Basic Features screen. Fax Basic Features Screen
If the destinations set by the previous user are still selected, this can cause transmission errors. Always reset the settings before sending.
Specify the destination.
Specifying from Address Book
Specifying from Coded Dial Numbers
Entering Destinations Directly
Specifying Destinations in an LDAP Server
Adding a destination
To send a fax to multiple destinations at a time (sequential broadcast), repeat the appropriate steps to enter all destinations.
You can also recall previously used destinations. Recalling Previously Used Settings for Sending (Recall Settings)
To delete destinations
If you specified multiple destinations, you can delete destinations as necessary.
Specify the scanning settings as necessary.
Adjusting Image Quality
Scanning 2-Sided Originals
Select <Start>.
If the <Confirm Destination> screen is displayed, check whether the destination is correct, and then select <Start Scanning>.
Scanning of the original starts.
If you want to cancel, select <Cancel>  <Yes>. Canceling Sending Faxes
When placing originals in the feeder in step 1
When scanning is complete, the faxes are sent.
When placing originals on the platen glass in step 1
If you always want to send faxes with the same settings: Changing the Default Settings for Functions
If you want to register a combination of settings to use when needed: Registering Frequently Used Settings
If you want to sound an alarm when the handset is off the hook: <Off-Hook Alarm>