Front Side



Automatically feeds originals into the machine for scanning. When two or more sheets of original are loaded in the feeder, originals can be scanned continuously. Feeder

USB port (for USB device connection)

Use this port to connect a third-party USB memory device or USB keyboard. Connecting a USB memory device allows you to print data from the memory device or store scanned originals on the memory device.
Printing from a USB Memory Device (Memory Media Print)
Sending Data by E-Mail/Saving Data to a Shared Folder or FTP Server

Paper stopper

Open the paper stopper when you want to prevent paper from falling out of the output tray.


Emits sounds produced by the machine, such as fax tones and warning tones.

Lift handles

Hold the lift handles when carrying the machine. Relocating the Machine

Operation panel

The operation panel consists of keys such as Home key, Stop key, a display, and status indicators. You can perform all the operations and specify settings from the operation panel.
Operation Panel
Basic Screens

Output tray

Printed paper is output to the output tray.

Power switch

Turns the power ON or OFF. To restart the machine, turn OFF the machine, wait for at least 10 seconds, and turn it back ON.

Front cover

Open the front cover when replacing toner cartridges or removing jammed paper from inside the machine.
Procedure for Replacing the Toner Cartridge

Paper drawer

Load the type of paper you frequently use into the paper drawer. Loading Paper in the Paper Drawer

Multi-purpose tray

Load the paper into the multi-purpose tray when you want to temporarily use a type of paper different from that which is loaded in the paper drawer. Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray

Platen glass

When scanning books, originals of heavy or thin paper and other originals that cannot be scanned using the feeder, place them on the platen glass. Placing Originals

Ventilation slots

Air inside the machine is vented out to cool down the inside of the machine. Note that placing objects in front of the ventilation slots prevents ventilation.