Limiting Available Destinations

By limiting destinations that can be specified to those registered in the Address Book or LDAP servers, you can reduce the possibility of specifying unintended destinations and prevent users from leaking information. You can configure the setting to display the confirmation screen to prevent the user from misdialing when specifying a coded dial number in the Address Book.

Restricting New Destinations that Can Be Specified

Restrict destinations that can be specified when sending faxes or scanned documents to "those already registered in the Address Book," "those previously used," or "those searchable from the LDAP servers." When this function is enabled, the machine prohibits users from entering destinations using the numeric keys, adding new entries to the Address Book, and editing the existing Address Book entries.
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Common Settings>  <Restrict New Destinations>  <On>  
This function does not limit the available destinations for PC faxing. Restricting Fax Sending from a Computer

Disabling Use of Previously Used Destinations

Prohibits the specification of destinations from the transmission records. Using this restriction prevents destinations being selected from the transmission records for "Send Fax," "Scan and Send as E-mail" and "Scan and Save to Shared Folder or FTP Server."
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send> <Common Settings>  <Restrict Resending from Log>  <On>  

Displaying Destinations in Address Book

When using coded dial numbers to specify destinations, you need to precisely remember whose destination (or what group) is registered in what coded dial number. If you do not remember all these numbers accurately, you may send your documents to unintended destinations. You can avoid sending data to unintended recipients by configuring the machine to display the details of the coded dial number you selected/entered as a sending destination on the screen before you send documents to that destination.
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Common Settings>  <Confirm When Coded Dial TX>  <On>  

Checking Destinations when Sending Data

You can configure a setting so that the destination confirmation screen is displayed when fax, e-mail, or I-Fax sending starts. If <Only for Sequential Broadcast> is selected, the confirmation screen is displayed only when multiple destinations are specified.
<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Common Settings>  <Confirm Dest. Before Sending>  Select <On> or <Only for Sequential Broadcast>