Saving Data to a USB Memory Device

This section describes how to scan the original and save the scanned data to a USB memory device. For more information about the available USB memory devices and how to insert/remove the USB memory device, see Using a USB Memory Device.
It is necessary to set <Use Scan Function> to <On>. <Memory Media Settings>
Place the original(s). Placing Originals
Select <Scan> in the Home screen. Home Screen
If the login screen appears, specify the user name, the password, and the authentication server. Logging in to Authorized Send
Select <USB Memory> in the Scan Basic Features screen. Scan Basic Features Screen
Specify the scanning settings as necessary.
Specifying the Scanning Size of the Original
Selecting a File Format
Specifying Orientation of Your Original
Scanning 2-Sided Originals
For information about other scan settings, see Scanning Clearly or Adjusting Balance between File Size and Image Quality (Data Size).
Select <Start>.
Scanning of the original starts.
If you want to cancel, select <Cancel> <Yes>. Canceling Sending Documents
When placing originals in the feeder in step 1
When scanning is complete, the saving process starts.
When placing originals on the platen glass in step 1
A new folder is created on the USB memory device, and the scanned document is stored in that folder. The file name of a scanned document is automatically assigned based on the following format: the characters SCAN followed by a four-digit number.file extension name. The character string "SCAN" in the file name can be replaced with a different arbitrary character string (Configuring a File Name).
If you always want to scan with the same settings: Changing the Default Settings for Functions
If you want to register a combination of settings to use when needed: Registering Frequently Used Settings