Restricting USB Functions

USB is a convenient way of connecting peripheral devices and storing or relocating data, but USB can also be a source of information leakage if it is not properly managed. Be especially careful when handling USB memory devices. This section describes how to restrict connection via the USB port of the machine and how to prohibit use of USB memory devices.

Restricting the USB Connection with a Computer

You can disable the computer connection USB port located on the back side of the machine. If this port is disabled, the machine cannot communicate with a computer via USB. This setting does not affect the front USB port, which is for attaching USB memory devices.
<Menu>  <Preferences>  <External Interface>  <USB Settings>  Select <Off> in <Use as USB Device>  <Apply>  <OK>  Restart the machine

Restricting the Scan to USB Function

You can disable storing scanned original data into a USB memory device.
<Menu>  <Function Settings> <Store/Access Files>  <Memory Media Settings>  Select <Off> in <Use Scan Function>  <Apply>  <OK>  Restart the machine

Restricting the USB Print Function

You can disable printing data from a USB memory device. The data in the USB memory device cannot be printed.
<Menu>  <Function Settings> <Store/Access Files> <Memory Media Settings>  Select <Off> in <Use Print Function>  <Apply>  <OK>  Restart the machine