Configuring WINS

Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is a name resolution service that associates a NetBIOS name (a computer or printer name in an SMB network) with an IP address. To enable WINS, the WINS server must be specified.
To register the WINS server on the machine, set [Computer Name/Workgroup Name Settings]. Specifying the Computer Name and the Workgroup Name
If you deselect the check box of [Use NetBIOS] in [Computer Name/Workgroup Name Settings], the WINS setting is disabled. Make sure to select the check box of [Use NetBIOS] when using WINS.
The function is not available in an IPv6 network.
For more information about the basic operations to be performed when setting the machine from the Remote UI, see Setting Up Menu Options from Remote UI.
Start the Remote UI and log in to System Manager Mode. Starting Remote UI
Click [Settings/Registration] on the Portal page. Remote UI Screen
Select [Network Settings]  [WINS Settings].
Click [Edit].
Select the [WINS Resolution] check box, and specify the required settings.
[WINS Resolution]
Select the check box to use WINS for name resolution. When not using WINS, clear the check box.
[WINS Server Address]
Enter the IP address of the WINS server.
If the IP address of the WINS server is obtained from a DHCP server, the obtained IP address overrides the IP address entered in the [WINS Server Address] text box.
Click [OK].
Restart the machine. Restarting the Machine
Selecting settings from the operation panel
WINS settings can also be accessed from <Menu> in the Home screen. <WINS Settings>