System Requirements

This section describes the system requirements of this software.

Server Computer


The system requirements of this software are indicated below.
Recommended System Requirements
Core i7 (7th generation or later)
No. of logical cores
Memory (GB)
Hard disk space (GB)
No. of monitored devices
Up to 1,000


Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (with latest service pack)
Edition: Standard
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (with latest service pack)
Edition: Standard
Microsoft Windows 10 (with the latest or second-latest version of feature updates)
Edition: Pro/Enterprise
Platform: 64-bit
The operating system must be in the following state.
The latest Windows Update is applied
That the date/time and region are set correctly
The sleep mode is disabled
It is recommended that this software operates on a server operating system, as it needs to be constantly running.

Software Runtime Environment

Latest version of the .NET Framework (version 4.6.2 or later)

Database Software

SQLite is included in this software. It is automatically installed when installing this software.

Operating System


Web Browser

The Web browsers that can access this software are indicated below.
Microsoft Edge*
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
*This software does not support the IE mode of Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based).

Display Language of This Software

The display language follows the Web browser setting. If a language other than the above is set, English is used.

Virtual Environment

This software can run in virtual environments that support the operating system where this software runs.


Internet Connection

Because this software communicates with the Remote Monitoring Server, the computer where this software operates must be connected to the Internet.

Multiple Network Connections

If a device supports multiple network connections, connect the computer where this software is running to the network where the main line of the device is connected. This software does not support operation using the sub line of a device.

Internet Protocols

The computer where this software is installed must enable communication via IPv4.
The device must enable communication via IPv4 or IPv6. (This software can communicate when either or both are enabled.)

Devices that Communicate with IPv6 Only

The following settings are required if the monitored devices of this software include devices set to communicate with only IPv6 addresses.
Computer where This Software Is Installed
Enable communication via both IPv4 and IPv6.
Set the same FQDN for both the IPv4 address and IPv6 address.
Register the information for both addresses to the name resolution server such as the DNS server.
Set an FQDN for the device.
Register the FQDN of the device to the name resolution server such as the DNS server.
Configuring the Initial Device Settings
Managed Devices of This Software
For devices that communicate with IPv6 only, specify the FQDN as the host name when performing discovery.
Discovering Devices