Regarding the Security of Canon Devices

Canon devices (printers/multifunction printers) provide various functions by connecting to a network. However, using the machine on the network exposes it to threats such as unauthorized access from the outside, and may cause security problems.
To minimize the risk of such security problems, you must use the machine with appropriate settings in a safe environment.
Please utilize "Security Settings Navigator" and the security white papers indicated below in order to use the machine more safely.
"Security Settings Navigator" lets you find appropriate settings for your environment.
Simply by answering up to four questions, this guide provides you with the recommended security settings and the steps for configuring them.
After configuring the initial settings as part of the machine installation, please use this guide to find the appropriate settings for your environment and configure the security settings.
*The screen of the Security Settings Navigator may differ according to the model of your machine.
Viewing Security Settings Navigator
You can find Security Settings Navigator under "Security Information" on the manual page for your machine.
The security settings and the steps for configuring them described in Security Settings Navigator differ according to the model of your machine. Also note that Security Settings Navigator does not support some models.

Security White Papers
Describe the cybersecurity measures of Canon devices for managing and protecting important information. By appropriately adopting the various solutions that Canon devices provide as cybersecurity measures, you can respond to the requirements for information devices defined in various guidelines.
Canon provides the following security white papers.
Cybersecurity Guidelines
Describes compliance with the following.
NIST SP 800-171, which is required for companies that conduct business with government bodies such as the United States Department of Defense and Japanese Ministry of Defense, and NIST SP 800-172, a supplement to NIST SP 800-171
NIST SP 800-193, the resilience guidelines for platform firmware
Using SIEM to Analyze the Audit Logs of Canon Printers/Multifunction Printers
Describes the procedure for importing the audit logs of Canon Devices to a SIEM system to perform more advanced analysis.