Problems with Faxes

Faxes cannot be sent or forwarded.

If no faxes can be sent

Call the destination fax from the machine to check whether the phone line is connected in the wrong location.
If the dial tone of the phone line cannot be heard
The modular cable (phone line for faxing) is disconnected or inserted in the wrong location. Check the modular cable and insert it in the correct location.
Parts and Their Functions
If voice guidance is played or if the machine cannot connect to the destination fax machine (you cannot hear the fax tone)
There may be a problem with the other party or the service provider. Contact the other party.

If faxes cannot be forwarded

Check the forwarding destination registered in the address book or one-touch button, and change it if it is incorrect.
Editing the Registered Destinations in the Address Book
Editing the Registered Destinations in One-Touch Buttons

If you are using an optical line or an IP phone line

Communication errors may occur, depending on the line quality. For more information, contact your service provider. You may be able to reduce communication errors by lowering the transmission speed in  (Settings/Registration) <TX Start Speed>. You can also set the transmission speed for each destination from the preferences for the address book or one-touch buttons.
<TX Start Speed>
Registering Destinations in the Address Book
You can also use <Auto Adjust Communication Speed When Using VoIP> to limit the communication speed to reduce errors.
<Auto Adjust Communication Speed When Using VoIP>

Cannot receive faxes.

Does the machine have sufficient free memory?

Delete unnecessary documents in the memory of the machine.
Saving Received Documents in the Machine (Memory Reception)

Check the number preceded by "#", and refer to the appropriate countermeasure.

If fax reception or transmission fails, a number (error code) preceded by "#" is displayed on the touch panel display or in a communication management report. You can refer to the necessary countermeasures according to the error code.
Countermeasures for Each Error Code