Restarting/Shutting Down Printers

This section describes the method for restarting or shutting down printers from this software.
This function is only available for printers that support restarting and shutting down via a network. Restart or shut down other printers using their power switch.
Select the [Tasks] menu > [Task List].
Click [Create].
Select [[Printer] Restart/Shut Down] from the list.
Configure the task.
[Scheduled] tab
Specify the basic information and schedule of the task.
[Targets] tab
Select the printers or device groups to set as the target.
[Task-Specific Settings] tab
Select [Restart] or [Shut down] as the process to execute.
For details on configuring the [Scheduled] tab and [Targets] tab, see the following.
Click [Add].
It may take some time for the task to finish.
You can check the status of the task on the [Tasks] menu > [History] > [Task History] page. For details, see the following.