Registering Groups to the Address Book (Remote UI) (Touch Panel Model)

You can register a group of multiple destinations to the Address Book using Remote UI from a computer.
You can register only the same type of destinations for a group.
Administrator privileges are required to register a group using Remote UI.
Required Preparations
Register the destinations to be added to a group to the Address Book of the machine. Registering Destinations to the Address Book (Remote UI) (Touch Panel Model)
Log in to Remote UI in System Manager Mode. Starting Remote UI
On the Portal page of Remote UI, click [Address Book]. Portal Page of Remote UI
Click [One-Touch] or [Coded Dial].
Click an item displayed as [Not Registered].
The [Register New Destination] screen is displayed.
If the [Enter PIN] screen is displayed, enter the Address Book PIN, and then click [OK].
Select [Group], and click [OK].
The [Register New Destination: Group] screen is displayed.
In [Group], enter the group name.
You can register a group without entering its name, but by entering the name, you can search for it by its initials when specifying the destination.
In [Member Settings], click [Select from Address Book].
Change the display of the Address Book, as needed.
In [Type], select [One-Touch] or [Coded Dial], and click [Display] to change the display of the Address Book.
Select the checkboxes of the destinations to add to the group, and click [OK].
The destinations are added to [Member List] on the [Register New Destination: Group] screen.
You can select multiple destinations at the same time.
Click [OK].
The group is registered to the Address Book.
Log out from Remote UI.