An Error Code Is Displayed

If printing cannot be performed, or another error occurs, an error code (three-digit number starting with "#") is displayed in the job log.
Select the error code from the list below, and check how to troubleshoot the problem.
#001 to #099
#037  #099
#701 to #799
#753  #766
#801 to #899
#852  #853  #861  #863
#901 to #999
If the problem persists even after trying the troubleshooting methods, contact your dealer or service representative. If the Problem Persists


Printing could not be performed due to the file size.
Reduce the File Size or Divide the File.
Optimize the file to make it smaller, or divide the file and then print it.


The job was canceled.
This does not indicate a malfunction. Perform the operation again, as needed.


The machine was unable to connect to the network due to a disconnected Ethernet cable.
Check That the Ethernet Cable Is Properly Connected.


The certificate has expired.
Renew the certificate, or use a certificate that is not expired.
Managing and Verifying a Key and Certificate
Are the current date and time on the machine correct?
Check the date and time setitngs. If the settings are not correct, set the time zone, and then set the current date and time. Setting the Date and Time


The power of the machine turned OFF for some reason.
Make sure the power plug is firmly inserted into an outlet.


Printing failed for some reason.
If the operation was canceled when print data was being sent from a computer to the machine, try printing again.
Otherwise, check the following:
Are You Printing a Large Job?
The data volume may have exceeded the processing capacity of the machine. Reduce the number of pages to print, or print when there is no print data being printed or waiting to be printed.
Is the Data to Be Printed Corrupted?
If the data is corrupted or otherwise damaged, fix the data.


You are using an unsupported printer driver, or the data you are trying to print is corrupted.
Use the printer driver of the machine, and try printing again.
Printing from a Computer
Is the Data to Be Printed Corrupted?
If the data is corrupted or otherwise damaged, fix the data.


An error occurred, preventing printing.
Restart the Machine, and Then Print the Data Again.
Restarting the Machine


The job was deleted by the Auto Delete Suspended Jobs function.
Resolve the Error That Caused the Job to Be Suspended.
Resolve the error, and try printing again.
* Disable the Auto Delete Suspended Jobs function, or change the time until the data is automatically deleted. [Auto Delete Suspended Jobs]