Changing Login Services

The application to implement user authentication is called the "Login Service." The machine is set to use "User Authentication (personal authentication management)" for the login service by default. If you want to use "DepartmentID Authentication," change the login service in the SMS.

Changing the Login Service

Log in to the Remote UI. Starting the Remote UI
Click [Service Management Service] on the portal page.
Click [System Application Management] [Start] in [SMS Installer Service (Password Authentication)].
The status becomes [Started].
Click [Enhanced System Application Management]  [Switch] in [DepartmentID Authentication].
The status becomes [Start after Restart].
Restart the machine. Restarting the Machine
The machine restarts and the changed settings are reflected.
When DepartmentID Authentication is started
If you click [Service Management Service] on the portal page of the Remote UI, the login screen to the SMS is displayed. For security purposes, the machine is configured not to permit login with the default password dedicated for the SMS. Press  (Settings/Register)  <Management Settings>  <Security Settings>  <Authentication/Password Settings>  <Password Settings>  temporally set <Allow Use of Default Password for Remote Access> to <On>.
After logging in to the SMS with the default password, restore the original security level by changing the default password and then resetting <Allow Use of Default Password for Remote Access> to <Off>.
"MeapSmsLogin" is set as the login password dedicated for the SMS. If you log in with "MeapSmsLogin," the screen for changing the password is displayed. For security purposes, follow the on-screen instructions to change the password.
The password for the SMS can be changed with [Change Password] in [System Management].
Make sure that you do not forget your password. Otherwise, you will not be able to access SMS. In this case, contact your dealer or service representative.
Return to User Authentication
Select [Enhanced System Application Management] [User Authentication], click [Switch], and restart the machine. If you will not use SMS Installer Service (Password Authentication), after restart of the machine select [System Application Management] [SMS Installer Service (Password Authentication)], and click [Stop].

Setting When Using DepartmentID Authentication

When implementing Department ID Management with the DepartmentID Authentication, make sure that the administrator (system administrator) manages the Department IDs and PINs. To enhance security, log in with the system administrator's ID (System Manager ID) and make sure to change the system administrator's ID and PIN.
Which users become administrator or general users depends on whether Department ID Management and System Manager Settings are set, as indicated in the table below.
Department ID Management
System Manager Settings
General Users
System Manager
Users authenticated with a Department ID and PIN not for the System Manager
Not Set
Users authenticated with a Department ID and PIN
System Manager
Users other than the System Manager
Not Set
All users

Changing the System Manager ID and PIN

Enabling Department ID Management

Login Operation When Department ID Management Using the DepartmentID Authentication is Enabled

Implementing Function Restrictions and User Management