Specifying from Address Book

The Address Book enables you to specify a destination by selecting from a list of registered destinations or by searching by name for destinations with recipient names.
You need to register destinations in the Address Book before using this feature.
Press  and tap <Address Book>.
Use / to select a tab.
Displays all the destinations registered in the Address Book.
Only destinations for one-touch dialing are displayed.
<A-Z>/<0-9>/<ABC> to <YZ>
Displays destinations with recipient names whose first characters correspond to the characters of the selected tab.
Displays destinations for faxes.
Displays a list of destinations registered in Group Dial.
Select a destination.

If you want to specify multiple destinations
Repeat the following steps. You can specify up to 104 destinations.
<Destination>  <Specify from Address Book>  Select a tab  Select a destination.
To specify any additional destinations with the numeric keys, tap <Destination>  <Specify Using Numeric Keys>.
Specify the scanning settings as necessary.
Select the settings. Various Fax Settings
Press  to start sending.
Scanning starts.
If you want to cancel sending, press   Tap <Yes>.
To delete destinations
If you specified multiple destinations, you can delete destinations as necessary.