When an Error Message Appears

If the memory is full or you encounter operation problems, a message appears on the display. Find out more information about messages in the following list.


An error occurred.

Could not perform cleaning.

Connect the computer.

The connection with the PC has been lost. Check the connection.

Insert new toner cartridge.

Job in progress... Wait a moment, then try again.

The memory is full. Scanning will be canceled. Do you want to print?

No Paper: XXXX*

The number is incorrect. Enter the number again.

Paper jammed.

Prepare the toner cartridge.

Print Purchase Information: Press and Hold Reset Key **

Allowed Paper: Size: A4, A3, B4, LTR, LGL, 11x17 Type: Plain, Recycled, Color

Paper Size and Settings Mismatch

The memory is full.