System Options

The functionality of the machine can be fully utilized by using the optional equipment described below. Optional equipment can be purchased from the retail outlet where you purchased the machine or from your local Canon dealer.

Barcode Printing Kit

If the Barcode Printing Kit is installed on the machine, barcode printing mode is added, enabling barcodes to be printed from your computer.
The Barcode Printing Kit contains the following barcode fonts.
Symb. FontInform
Symbole stethos
BarDIMM ©1997
This option enables you to generate barcodes in various formats. Note that if you want to print barcodes, PCL must be enabled. For information on using the Barcode Printing Kit, see the Barcode Printing Guide (PDF manual).
Installation Method

PCL International Font Set

If the PCL International Font Set is installed on the machine, the following fonts are added for a PCL printer. As a result, you can output using multiple languages in a SAP Unicode environment.
Andale® and WorldType® Collection J (Japanese Version)
Andale® and WorldType® Collection K (Korean Version)
Andale® and WorldType® Collection S (Simplified Chinese Version)
Andale® and WorldType® Collection T (Traditional Chinese Version)
In order to support differences in character design depending on the region, four font versions are enabled.
Installation Method


You can install the SD card to use the functions described below.
Interrupt Print, Priority Print, Pause/Resume
Checking Current Status of Print Documents
Installation Method
When you dispose of a used SD card, perform <Completely Del. Data> for it or physically destroy it to prevent your personal information from being leaked. Installing an SD Card