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Cannot Send Faxes

Solutions when fax sending fails are described here.
Check with step 1 to step 3.

Step 1 Check below first

Check these first.
For details on the telephone jack Where to Connect the Telephone Line
Your problem is resolved -> Finished.
Your problem is not yet resolved -> Go to Step 2 Identifying common causes.

Step 2 Identifying common causes

Is a correct destination specified?

You might be sending a fax to a telephone number or the fax number might be incorrect. Double-check the fax number before sending.

Is the external telephone in use?

Wait until the call ends.
Your problem is resolved -> Finished.
Your problem is not yet resolved -> Go to Step 3 Checking other causes.

Step 3 Checking other causes

Has any error occurred?

Print out the communication management report and check whether there is an error in the send log. An Error Code (3-Digit Number with #) Is Displayed in the Report or Job Log
<Menu>  <Output Report>  <Print List>  <Communication Management Report> Check that the size and type of paper displayed on the screen is loaded in the machine, and select <Start>  

Did you try to send an international fax?

The machine might not have been able to connect with the international destination. Enter a pause after an international access number or a fax number. Or, adjust the transmission start speed to a slower speed. Cannot Send an International Fax

Can the recipient's fax receive a fax?

The recipient's fax might be turned off or the receive mode on the recipient's fax is not specified correctly. Ask the recipient to check.

Is "The memory is full." displayed on the display?

The memory on the machine is running low and the original cannot be scanned.
If there are documents waiting to be sent or printed, wait until the machine finishes processing them.
To send an original with many pages, split the original and send it in parts.
If received documents are still saved in memory, print or delete them.
Lower the resolution for scanning an original.
To send a fax, select <Resolution> in the <TX/RX Settings> tab and select a lower resolution than the specified resolution.