Network Settings

This chapter describes how to configure the network settings on the machine.
You can configure the machine to obtain an IP address automatically, without needing to specify any network settings to establish a network connection. Note that you may need to specify these settings, depending on your network type.
Network Settings, such as IP Address, LPD, RAW and WSD (other than IEEE802.1X settings) are the same for both wired LAN and wireless LAN.
You need an optional Wireless LAN Board-C1 to use a wireless LAN.
Configuring a network
To learn about connecting and settings, see
"Basic Network Settings."
For switching between wired LAN and wireless LAN, see
"Switching the Connection Method to Wireless LAN or Wired LAN ."
For connecting to a network, see
"Connecting to Wired LAN" or "Connecting to Wireless LAN ."
For setting IP addresses, see
"Setting the IPv4 Address" or "Setting the IPv6 Address."
For checking connections, see
"Checking the Network Connection."
Setting Scan TX Function Settings (iR 1133iF only)
To learn about activating the Send Setup Utility, see
"Activating the Send Setting Utility."
To learn how to send scanned documents by e-mail, see
"Configuring E-Mail Send Settings."
To learn how to specify detailed e-mail settings (pre-send POP authentication, SSL encryption, etc.)
See "Configuring Advanced E-mail Settings."
To learn how to send scanned documents to a file server, see
"How to Save to a File Server (A Shared File Server)."
Specifying the settings for printing/sending faxes from a computer
To learn about the operating environment, see
"Setting Up Your Computer to Print and Send Faxes (Windows Only)."
To learn how to specify LPD, RAW and WSD settings on the machine, see
"Selecting the Connection Method (LPD/RAW/WSD)."
To learn how to specify LPD and RAW settings (on the computer), see "Configuring Printer Settings on Your Computer."
Specifying additional network settings
See the following sections.
Managing the machine with a Web browser
Checking Wireless LAN Information
Checking the address of this machine
Checking the MAC address of the machine