Overview of Methods for Specifying Destinations

This machine provides you with various ways to specify destinations, besides using - (numeric keys) to enter a destination’s address each time you send documents. This section provides an overview of methods that make it easier to specify destinations.
Address Book/One-Touch Buttons (Address Book, One-Touch Buttons)
The Address Book is a feature used for storing addresses for the e-mail, I-fax, file server, fax, and group address functions. The group address feature enables you to create a group of up to 499 stored destinations as a single destination. This feature is useful when you want to send the same document to multiple destinations at one time.
The Address Book is divided into an Address Book and one-touch buttons. You can store up to 300 destinations in the Address Book and 200 destinations in the one-touch buttons, for a total of 500 destinations in the whole Address Book. Registering a destination in the Address Book saves you the effort of entering that destination’s address each time you send documents.
Favorites Buttons (Favorites Buttons)
You can register frequently used scan settings, send settings, and destinations in a favorites button for future use. This feature is useful if you frequently send documents with the same document settings to the same destination. Once you register a favorites button, you can send documents simply by selecting the favorites button containing the desired document settings and destinations, and pressing (Start).
Job Recall (Job Recall)
You can recall the last three destinations, scan settings, and send settings which have been set, and then send your documents.
LDAP Server (LDAP Server)
You can specify e-mail addresses and fax numbers by searching the directory listings on the network using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) servers. E-mail addresses and fax numbers obtained via the server can be specified as destinations or stored in the Address Book.