Specifying from Address Book

The Address Book enables you to specify a destination by selecting from a list of registered destinations or by searching by name for destinations with recipient names.
You need to register destinations in the Address Book before using this feature. Registering in the Address Book
To register shared folders as destinations, you need to perform the registration procedure from the computer.
Setting a Shared Folder as a Save Location
Registering Address Book from Remote UI
Press and tap <Scan>.
When the logon screen appears, use the numeric keys to enter the user name and password. Then select the authentication server and press . Logging on to the Machine
Tap <E-Mail> or <File>.
If you select <File>, proceed to step 4.
Select <Destination>  <Specify from Address Book>.
If the <Type> screen appears, select <To>, <Cc>, or <Bcc> as a destination type.
Select a tab using / .
Displays all the destinations registered in the Address Book.
Only destinations for one-touch dialing are displayed.
<A-Z>/<0-9>/<ABC> to <YZ>
Displays destinations with recipient names whose first characters correspond to the characters of the selected tab.
Displays destinations for faxes. Do not use in this procedure. To specify destinations using this tab, see Specifying from Address Book.
Displays destinations for e-mails.
Displays destinations for shared folders.
Displays a list of destinations registered in Group Dial. This feature is not available when scanning documents to shared folders.
Select a destination.
If you want to specify multiple destinations (e-mail)
Repeat steps 3 to 5. Up to 50 destinations can be specified.
To delete destinations (e-mail)
If you specified multiple destinations, you can delete destinations as necessary.