Front Side


Output tray

Printed paper is output to the output tray.

Ventilation slots

Air from inside the machine is vented out to cool down the inside of the machine. Note that placing objects in front of the ventilation slots prevents ventilation.

Lift handles

Hold the lift handles when carrying the machine. Relocating the Machine

Multi-purpose tray

Load the paper into the multi-purpose tray when you want to temporarily use a type of paper different from that which is loaded in the paper drawer. Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray

Operation panel

The operation panel consists of numeric keys, a display, status indicators, etc. You can perform all the operations and specify settings from the operation panel. Operation Panel  Display

Power switch

Press the power switch to turn ON the power. When turning OFF the power, do not use this switch, but follow the procedures shown in Turning OFF the Power (Performing a Shutdown).

Paper stopper

Open the paper stopper to prevent paper in the output tray from falling.

Front cover

Open the front cover when replacing toner cartridges or removing jammed paper from inside the machine.
Replacing the Toner Cartridges

Paper drawer

Load the type of paper you frequently use into the paper drawer. Loading Paper in the Paper Drawer

USB memory port (For USB memory)

You can connect a USB memory device to the machine and directly print the data from the USB memory device. You can directly print the data in the USB memory device without using a computer. (Printing from USB Memory (USB Direct Print)). Also, connect a USB memory device when exporting or importing the settings of the machine (Import/Export Set.).

Right cover

Open the right cover to install the optional ROM. Installing the ROM