<Adjust Image Quality>

All the settings related to image quality adjustment are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with an asterisk (*) may not be displayed depending on the options or other setting items.

<Auto Adjust Gradation>

Adjust the gradation, density, and color in copies or printouts. Adjusting Gradation
<Full Adjust>
<Standard (Plain)>
<For Printer 1200 dpi>
<Quick Adjust>

<Correct Shading>

If the image areas of the printing have uneven density, this correction adjusts the printing so that the density is even. Correcting Uneven Density
<Densitometer Correction>
<Visual Correction>
<Adjust (Yellow)>/<Adjust (Magenta)>/<Adjust (Cyan)>/<Adjust (Black)>
<-6>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<-5>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<-4>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<-3>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<-2>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<-1>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<±0>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<+1>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<+2>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<+3>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<+4>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<+5>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<+6>: -127 to ±0 to +127
<Output Test Page>
<Restore Initial Settings>
<Restore Previous Settings>
<Scanner Correction>

<Correct Print Color Mismatch>

Use this function if color shift has blurred the image. Correcting "Print Color Mismatch"

<Black Text Processing for Color>

Adjust the threshold value to determine whether to print black text in color originals by using only black toner or by using a mixture of black and color toners. You can set values for the feeder and the platen glass separately. Adjusting Values for Text Color Reproducibility in Color Documents
Seven Levels
<Platen Glass>
Seven Levels

<Special Processing>

If the print results on special types of paper are not satisfactory, the following settings may improve the quality of the printouts.
<Special Paper Processing>
When printing on the back side of printed paper or rough paper, the print results may be improved by adjusting the following settings.
<Manual Back Side Print (2-Sided Only)>
If printouts on the back side of printed paper are too light, select <On>. You can specify this setting separately for each paper source.
<Drawer 1>
<Drawer 2>
<Adj. Toner Vol. for Color Print.>
You can prevent excessive toner from being fixed onto paper to reduce print failure such as poor toner fixing or bleed-through. Reducing Toner Used When Color Printing
<Level 1>
<Level 2>
<Fill Area Image Adj. Mode>
When printing an original with a lot of fill, correct the unevenness of the filled part. Correct Unevenness of Filled Part
<Mode 1>
<Mode 2>
<Mode 3>