Printing Cannot Be Performed (Wired LAN Connection)

If you cannot print when the printer is connected to the computer by wired LAN, check the problem following the questions below.

<Question 1> Is the printer turned ON? (Is the Main Power indicator on?)

To <Question 2>
Turn the printer ON.
Cannot be turned ON

<Question 2> Check the indicators on the printer unit.

(1) The (Ready) indicator
is on.
To <Question 3>
(1) The (Ready) indicator
is blinking.
The printer is operating. Please wait a moment.
(2) The Toner indicator
is on or blinking.
(3) The (Alarm) indicator
is on or blinking.
(4) The (Load Paper) indicator
is blinking.
(5) The (Paper Jam) indicator
is blinking.
(6) The (Go) indicator
is blinking.

<Question 3> Is the printer's (Wi-Fi) indicator on? (LBP7110Cw Only)

The printer is connected by wireless LAN.
Change to a wired LAN connection.
To <Question 4>

<Question 4> Can the computer connect to the Internet?

Can connect
To <Question 5>
Cannot connect
Properly connect the power cord or LAN cable of the router or other connected device.
Turn on the router or other connected device.
If the computer still cannot connect to the Internet, restart all equipment, wait for a while, and then try connecting to the Internet again.
For details on the connection method or the procedure for restarting the equipment, see the instruction manual of each device or contact the manufacturer.

<Question 5> Is the LAN cable connected properly?

To <Question 6>
Connect the cable properly.

<Question 6> Check the indicators on the network interface.

The ACT indicator is on.
To <Question 7>
The LNK indicator is on.
All the indicators are off.

<Question 7> Can you print a test page in Windows?

There is no problem with the printer and driver.
Check the printing preferences in the application.
Not printable
To <Question 8>

<Question 8> Is the IP address set properly?

Check that the IP address is set properly using the PING command.
To <Question 9>
Not set
Set the IP address properly.

<Question 9> Is the port to be used selected correctly?

To <Question 10>
Not selected
Select the correct port.
The port to be used
cannot be found.
Create a port.
The IP address
was changed.
For MFNP Port
To <Question 10>
The port does not have to be changed because a new IP address is detected automatically when the printer and computer are on the same subnet.
For Standard TCP/IP Port
Change the port.

<Question 10> Check the following points.

The printer is specified as the default printer.
The TCP/IP protocol is running.
The users who can print are not restricted.
"Restricting the Users Who Can Print and Specify Settings"

If printing does not work, proceed to <Question 11>.

<Question 11> Connect the printer and computer directly with the cross-type* LAN cable.

This is a LAN cable which is used to connect a printer and computer directly without a hub (LAN network).

If printing does not work or if you cannot prepare a cross-type LAN cable, proceed to <Question 12>.

<Question 12> Install the printer driver again.

If printing does not work, proceed to <Question 13>.

<Question 13> Can you print from another computer (network connection)?

Make resident software invalid including security software.
Not printable
Contact your local authorized Canon dealer.