Flow of Operations

This section describes the flow of the main operations for this software.
This manual describes the specifications of this software and an overview of its operations. For details, contact your local service center.
Operations may not be performed correctly if multiple users log in and perform an operation on the same target (task or device) at the same time.

Required Operations

1. Logging In to This Software

Access this software from a Web browser, and log in.

2.Specifying the Initial Settings

Settings are also required on the Remote Monitoring Server side.
If the iW Management Console RDS Plug-in was used
On the [Connection Settings] page of this software, import a settings file exported from the RDS Plug-in and configure communication with the device.
Stop the iW Management Console RDS Plug-in before operating this software. If this software is operated with the RDS Plug-in running, duplicate data in RDS Plug-in and this software may be sent.
For more information, see the following.
If the iW Management Console RDS Plug-in was not used
Perform the following operations.

Optional Operations

Managing Devices

You can check the status and information about the devices registered for management in the device list.

Managing Tasks

The processes performed by this software are executed as tasks. You can check the status of tasks being executed.