Installing by Specifying an inf File

You can install a driver by specifying an inf file with the add printer function of Windows. The following explanation will be given with respect to installation with a standard TCP/IP port.


Confirm the IP address of the device.
Prepare the inf file.
Acquire the driver from the Canon web site ( or the accompanying CD-ROM, and prepare the inf file.
The inf file is stored in the [Driver] folder in the folder of the driver you have acquired.
When starting the computer, log on as a user with administrator privileges.


Start the Windows add printer wizard.
(1) Display [Bluetooth & devices] (or [Devices]) from [ Settings] in the Start menu.
(2) In [Printers & scanners], click [Add a printer or scanner] > [Add device] (or [Add a printer or scanner]).
(3) Click [The printer that I want isn’t listed] > [Add manually] (or [The printer that I want isn’t listed]).
Select local printer addition and proceed to the next screen.
Select [Create a new port] → select [Standard TCP/IP Port] from [Type of port] → click [Next].
Enter the IP address of the device in [Hostname or IP address] → proceed according to the instructions on the screen.
If the device cannot be found, it may be recognized as an unknown device. If so, click the subsequent "Open details."
In the [Install the printer driver] screen, click [Have Disk].
Click [Browse] → select the prepared inf file.
Select the device to use from [Printers] → click [Next].
Install the driver according to the instructions on the screen → click [Finish].

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