Setting the Dither Pattern

Dithering is a technique for reproducing color and density using groups of small dots. The source data for drawing these dots is called a dither pattern. Using a dither pattern suitable for the image to print enables the gradations and curves of the printed image to be reproduced more smoothly.
Press  (Settings/Register)  <Adjustment/Maintenance> <Adjust Image Quality> <Dither Pattern Settings>.
Select the dither pattern.
<Pattern 1>: The default setting.
<Pattern 2>: This Setting enhances reproduction of highlight areas of the printed image. This setting can be suitably used when defective white spots appear in printouts due to toner fixing failure or when you want to get a smooth reproduction of blue skies, walls, skins, etc.
Press <OK>.
Press <Yes>, and perform auto gradation adjustment (full adjustment).
Since this may cause poor color balance, make sure to perform auto gradation adjustment (full adjustment) after changing the settings. Adjusting Gradation