Setting Up the Connection Using WPS PIN Code Mode

Some WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) routers do not support the Push Button mode. In this case, register the PIN code generated on the machine to the networking device.
Generating a PIN code on the machine
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Preferences>  <Network>  <Wireless LAN>  <Wireless LAN Settings>  <WPS PIN Code Mode>.
A PIN code is generated.
Registering the PIN code to the wireless router
Register the PIN code within two minutes after the PIN code is generated. For details, see the instruction manual for your networking device.
Access a wireless router from a computer.
Display the screen for entering a WPS PIN code.
Register the generated PIN code to the wireless router.
When the wireless LAN router is detected and the configuration is complete, the screen <Connected.> will be displayed.
If the wireless router is set to use WEP authentication, you may not be able to set up connection using WPS.