Selecting the Type of Original for Copying

You can select the optimal image quality for the copy depending on the type of original such as originals with only characters or magazines with photographs.
Place the original. Placing Originals
Press <Copy>. <Home> Screen
Press <Options> on the Copy Basic Features screen. Copy Basic Features Screen
Press <Original Type>.
Select the type of original.
If you select <Text/Photo (BleedReduce)>, you can help prevent the reverse side of the page or the next page from showing when scanning.
If you select <Printed Image>, you can copy printed photographs (photographs made with halftone dots) with optimal print quality.
If you select <Photo Printout>, you can copy photographs printed on photographic paper with optimal print quality.
For thin black-and-white originals such as newspapers, it is recommended that you specify <Options> <Density> <Background Density> <Auto>. Basic Copy Operations
Press <OK>  <Close>.
If you select <Photo Printout> and copy, highlights may be blown out (areas with stronger brightness may become bright white).
In this case, adjust the background density so that blow out does not occur.
Press <Options> <Density> <Adjust> for <Background Density> <+>.
Press  (Start).
Copying starts.