Optional Equipment

The functionality of the machine can be fully utilized by using the optional equipment described below. Optional equipment can be purchased from the retail outlet where you purchased the machine or from your local Canon dealer.

Cassette Feeding Module-AH

Installing this cassette feeding module enables you to load paper of a different size than that of paper loaded in the standard paper drawer. This surely reduces the time and labor for paper replacement.

Copy Card Reader-F

This is a card authentication system that enables you to perform the login process of Department ID Management by using a control card instead of entering a department ID. You can log in to the machine by inserting a control card and log off by removing it.

 Card slot

Insert the control card into the card slot when the login screen is displayed. Remove the control card from the card slot after using the machine.

 Control card

You can use the control card shown below. Hold the card the front side up and insert in the direction indicated on the card.