Restricting the Machine's Functions

Some of the functions of the machine may rarely be used or provide opportunities for misuse. For security purposes, the machine can be set to limit its capabilities by partially or completely disabling these functions.
Restricting Access to Address Book and Sending Functions
You can specify the PIN in the Address Book to disable a general user from modifying data or limit destinations that can be specified for fax sending. You can also disable a user from collectively sending a fax to multiple destinations (Sequential Broadcast). Restricting Access to Address Book and Sending Functions
Restricting Printing from a Computer
You can limit "printing from computer" only to secure documents so that no print jobs can be executed unless the PIN is entered on the machine side. Restricting Printing from a Computer
Restricting USB Functions
The USB connection allows an easy connection with peripheral devices, but it may cause a security risk such as an information leakage. You can restrict a USB connection with a computer or saving to a USB memory device. Restricting USB Functions
Disabling HTTP Communication
When not performing operations via the network, for example, when using the machine via USB connection, you can disable HTTP communication to prevent a hacking via the HTTP port. Disabling HTTP Communication
Disabling Remote Management
When not using Remote UI, you can disable functions to prevent an unauthorized remote operation via Remote UI. Disabling Remote UI