Initializing Settings

You can restore the following settings:

Initializing Menu

You can restore the settings of the machine (Setting Menu List). Depending on the settings selected, you may need to restart the machine after initialization.
<Menu>  <Management Settings>  <Data Management>  <Initialize Menu>  Select the item you want to initialize  <Yes>   (Restart the machine if necessary)
You can restore the settings only for <Network> in <Preferences>.
<Menu>  <Preferences>  <Network>  <Initialize Network Settings>  <Yes>  <OK>  Restart the machine

Initializing Key and Certificate

You can restore the settings of the key and certificate and the CA certificate. Note that all the keys and certificates and CA certificates that you registered in the machine (except the preinstalled keys and CA certificates) will be deleted after initializing.
After initializing, functions that require a key and certificate such as TLS encrypted communication and IKE of IPSec communication are not available. To use these functions, configure the settings for the key and certificate and activate the functions again.
<Menu>  <Management Settings>  <Data Management>  <Initialize Key and Certificate>  <Yes>  

Initializing Address Book

You can restore the settings of the Address Book. Note that all the information registered in the Address Book will be deleted after initializing.
<Menu>  <Management Settings>  <Data Management>  <Initialize Address Book>  <Yes>  

Initializing All Data/Settings

This enables restoration of all data and machine settings, including logs, to the factory default values. This prevents sensitive data from being leaked when replacing or disposing of the machine. When the initialization process finishes, the machine automatically restarts.
Before initializing, make sure that there are no documents being processed or waiting to be processed. These documents will be deleted when initialization is performed.
To use the machine after initializing it, you need to configure all settings from the beginning.
<Menu>  <Management Settings>  <Initialize All Data/Settings>  <Yes>  <Yes>