Replacing the Toner Cartridge

A warning message appears in the display when the amount remaining in the toner cartridge is low or when printing is no longer possible because of toner depletion. Note that the print quality may suffer if you continue printing without resolving this issue. You can check the amount remaining in the toner cartridges on the display (Checking the Remaining Amount of Consumables).

When a Message Appear

The message that is displayed depends on the amount remaining in the toner cartridges. Depending on which message is displayed, you will need to make sure that you have a replacement toner cartridge ready or replace the toner cartridge.
Procedure for Replacing the Toner Cartridge
Replacement Parts
<Prepare cartridge.> 
<Low Cartridge Level>
<End of Cartridge Lifetime>

When Printouts are Poor in Quality

If your printouts begin to show any of the following features, one of your toner cartridges is consumed. Replace the nearly empty toner cartridge even if no message is displayed. Procedure for Replacing the Toner Cartridge
Streaks Appear/Printing is Uneven
Partially faded
Uneven density
White Spots Appear
Toner smudges and splatters appear
Blank space of originals becomes grayish in printouts

Procedure for Replacing the Toner Cartridge

Read the precautions in "Getting Started" provided with this product before replacing the toner cartridges. Manuals and Their Contents
Open the front cover.
Remove the toner cartridge.
Remove the replacement toner cartridge from the protective case.
Shake the toner cartridge 5 or 6 times as shown below to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge.
Install the toner cartridge.
Fully push it in until it cannot go any further.
Close the front cover.