Using a USB Memory Device

When using a USB memory, insert it into the USB port on the machine.
Before using a USB memory device
The supported formats of USB memory device are FAT16 and FAT32.
The following devices and uses are not supported:
USB memory devices that have security functions installed
USB memory devices that do not meet the USB standards
Memory card readers connected via USB
USB memory devices that are used with extension cables
USB memory devices used via a USB hub
Handling of USB memory devices
Make sure that the USB memory device is correctly oriented before inserting it. If you attempt to insert it in incorrect orientation, the memory device and the machine may be damaged.
Do not remove, bump or otherwise move the USB memory device while data is being imported or exported. Also, do not turn OFF the machine while processing is in progress.
You may not be able to save data properly on some USB memory devices.

Remove the USB Memory Device

Always use the following procedure when removing USB memory devices. Using other methods to remove USB memory devices may result in damage to the device and the machine.
Select <Status Monitor>.
Select <Rmv. Mem. Media>.
Wait until the <The memory media can be safely removed.> message is displayed.
Disconnect the USB memory device.