2-Sided Double Pass Feeder (DADF-BA)

The DADF-BA is an optional product. However, depending on the country or region, this product may not be available.
Original Feeding Mechanism
Automatic Document Feeder
Original Size/Type
Size of Originals
Max: 297.0 mm x 431.8 mm*1
Min: 139.7 mm x 128.0 mm
Weight of Originals
Full Color:
1-sided/2-sided Scanning: 64 g/m² to 128 g/m²
1-sided Scanning (A/B Series): 42 g/m² to 128 g/m²*2
1-sided Scanning (Inch Series): 50 g/m² to 128 g/m²
2-sided Scanning: 50 g/m² to 128 g/m²
Long Paper:
1-sided Scanning: 60 g/m² to 90 g/m²*3
Automatically Detectable Sizes of Original
A3, A4, B4, B5, A4R, A5, B5R, B6, A5R, 11" x 17", LTR, LGL, LTRR, STMT, STMTR
The combinations of document sizes that you can copy/scan*4
Documents with the same width: A3 and A4, B4 and B5, A4R and A5, B5R and B6, 11" x 17" and LTR, LTRR and LGL, LTRR and STMT, LGL and STMT
Documents with the different width: A3 and B4, A4 and B5, B4 and A4R, B5 and A5, A4R and B5R, A5 and B6, 11" x 17" and LGL, LTR and LGL, LTR, and STMT
Original Tray Capacity
100 sheets (80 g/m² / 75 g/m² / 64 g/m²) (height 10 mm or less)
10 sheets (39 g/m² to 49 g/m²)
1 sheet (38 g/m²)
Original Scanning Speed
1-sided Scanning
Scanning (300 dpi x 300 dpi)*5
Full Color: 70 pages/minute
Black-and-White: 70 pages/minute
Copying (600 dpi x 600 dpi)
Full Color: 51 pages/minute
Black-and-White: 51 pages/minute
2-sided Scanning
Scanning (300 dpi x 300 dpi)*5
Full Color: 35 pages/minute
Black-and-White: 35 pages/minute
Copying (600 dpi x 600 dpi)
Full Color: 25.5 pages/minute
Black-and-White: 25.5 pages/minute
(W x D x H)
565 mm x 540 mm x 139 mm
Approximately 8.2 kg
*1 Long Original: 431.8 mm to 630.0 mm (only one original for one-sided scanning)
*2 Originals weighing from 38 g/m² to 128 g/m² are supported when scanning a single original.
*3 Place only one original at a time.
*4 Copying/scanning with a combination other than described above may cause damage to the documents or paper jams.
*5 The scanning speed may vary, depending on the scanning mode and original type.