Outputting an Audit Log

This section describes the procedure for displaying the operation log for each user of this software on the screen and outputting it to a file.
The [Audit Log] page can only be displayed by users that are assigned the system administrator role.
Select the [Reports] menu > [Audit Log].
Switch the display in the drop-down list on the top of the list on the [Audit Log] page.
Select the target user.
Select the function to display.
The selection state of the drop-down list and the sorting order of the list are saved.
To output the content displayed on the screen to a file, select the file format for outputting the report from the [Export] drop-down list on the top of the list.
Follow the direction on the screen to save the file.
There are cautions to follow when exporting to a CSV file or Excel file. For details, see the following.