Printing Is Slow

It takes time until the first page is printed. The printing speed may be slower after continuous printing or printing on narrow paper to allow for adjustments of the temperature or image quality of the machine.
In all other cases, an error may have occurred. Troubleshoot by checking the items below.
Check the Paper Orientation.
This symptom may occur depending on the paper orientation. Change the paper orientation if possible. Loading Paper
Does the Machine Have Sufficient Free Memory?
Check the faxes received in the memory of the machine, and print or forward them as needed, and delete any unnecessary faxes. Viewing and Printing Faxes Saved in the Memory
Is Secure Print Enabled?
This symptom may occur when Secure Print is enabled. Use the procedure below to disable Secure Print.
The machine must be restarted to apply the settings.
Log in to Remote UI in System Manager Mode [Settings/Registration] [Secure Print Settings] [Edit] clear the [Secure Print] checkbox [OK] restart the machine.
On the control panel, select [Menu] in the [Home] screen, and then select [Function Settings] to configure the settings. [Secure Print]