This section describes the printer settings.
<Output Report>
  <Function Settings>  <Printer>
You can print reports for the machine settings.
<Printer Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Printer>
Specify the printer settings.
For more information, see Setting the Machine (PS/PCL/UFR II Printer).
<Restrict Printer Jobs>
  <Function Settings>  <Printer>
If this setting is set to <On>, you can restrict jobs from the printer driver.
<PDL Selection (Plug and Play)>
  <Function Settings>  <Printer>
Select default Page Description Language (PDL).
<Prioritize Printer Driver Settings for Jobs with MP Tray>
  <Function Settings>  <Printer>
You can prioritize printer driver settings over the paper settings in the machine when printing a job with the multi-purpose tray specified as the paper source.
<PS Password Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Printer>
You can specify the password that restricts the use of the control command prepared by the PS printer.
<Paper Feed Mode When Using PCL Emulation>
  <Function Settings>  <Printer>
You can set the paper source used for the PCL5 PaperSource command.