Setting the IPv4 Address of the Sub Line

If you selected <Select Interface>, you can set the IP address for wireless LAN (sub line) in <Sub Line Settings>.
Only IPv4 addresses can be used with the sub line.
Press .
Press <Preferences>  <Network>  <Sub Line Settings>.
Press <IP Address Settings> and set the IP address for wireless LAN (sub line).
You can also set both automatic assignment and manual entry. If you set both and set <Release Address Last Acquired from DHCP Server When Address Cannot Be Acquired> to <Off>, the manually entered IP address is used when automatic IP address retrieval fails.
Automatically Assigning the IP Address with DHCP
Press <DHCP>. Select this item according to the network environment of your wireless LAN.
If <DHCP> is selected, communication is performed to check whether network services are being provided, regardless of whether the environment can use DHCP. It is recommended that you deselect this item if you are not using DHCP.
Manually Entering the IP Address
Confirm that <DHCP> is deselected.
If it is selected, press the button to deselect it.
Enter the IP address and subnet mask.
Press each button and enter the required setting.
Press <OK>.
Press   <Yes>.
Wireless LAN (sub line) cannot connect to other networks via a router.