Setting up Using the Setup Guide

When the machine is turned ON for the first time (Turning ON the Machine), the initial setup of the machine begins automatically. You can adjust the basic setup necessary to use the machine. Configure the basic setup in accordance with each screen, or click a link to display the corresponding page and see details.
Step 1
Specify the language and keyboard layout.
Select the language to be displayed on the screens. Depending on the language, you can change the layout of the keyboard that is displayed to enter characters.
Step 2
Mix the toner.
If the <Toner Mixing> screen appears, agitate the toner and carry out initial adjustment.
If the <Paper Settings> screen appears, proceed to Step 3.
Step 3
Check the paper settings.
Check that the paper loaded in the paper source is specified correctly.
If you are not logged in as an administrator, proceed to Step 11.
Step 4
Log in as the Administrator.
Make an authenticated login to configure the settings that require Administrator privileges.
You can skip the settings that require Administrator privileges and proceed to the next step by pressing <Skip>. In this case, proceed to Step 11.
Step 5
Specify the user authentication settings.
To enhance the security of the machine, use the machine under a system that uses user authentication.
This machine is set to use the user authentication as the login service. For more information, see Configuring the Personal Authentication Management Settings.
Step 6
Set the date and time.
Specify the date and time of the machine.
Step 7
Set the IP address.
Specify the settings for network connection.
Step 8
Specify the DNS settings.
Specify the DNS server address, DNS host name, and DNS domain name.
Step 9
Specify the Proxy settings.
Specify the necessary settings to use the Proxy.
Step 10
Specify the fax settings.
Specify the necessary settings to use the fax function.
If your machine does not have a fax function, proceed to Step 11.
Step 11
Perform the automatic gradation adjustment.
Adjust the gradation to print clearly.
Depending on the machine, the procedure differs. For information on the automatic gradation adjustment, see Adjusting Gradation.
Step 12
Print a report.
You can print the network user list, fax user data list, and adjusted value list.
Step 13
Complete the Setup Guide.
When finishing the Setup Guide, restart the machine to apply the specified settings.
If you do not use the Setup Guide, press <End Setup Guide> in Step 1.
You can change each setting later by pressing  (Settings/Registration) after finishing the Setup Guide (except <Toner Mixing>).

Starting the Setup Guide later

The Setup Guide cannot be started in the following cases.
If the user authentication or department ID authentication is set.
If the DepartmentID Authentication is set.
If the authentication with a card is performed.
 (Settings/Registration) <Management Settings> <License/Other> <Start Setup Guide> <Start>
If you start the Setup Guide later and log in as an administrator, Step 4 will not be displayed. Proceed to Step 5.